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The learning circle

A support circle for families who integrate or who want to integrate, living and parenting within a philosophy of support, inclusion, and non-harm. Support and inclusion comes from non harm: emotional and social awareness, respecting boundaries and being child and person centered.

Whether home-schooling or day-schooling, families and children learn all the time, at shopping, cooking, bedtime stories, and many more unnamed family activities, multiple teachable moments. We are welcome to both home and day schoolers.

As a support circle we hope to provide a network and a support base for families with a common desire for welcoming spaces of non harm and inclusion.

Our learning and sharing circles and interactions would reflect the input, needs and wants of participant families; allow for safe support of families to be child centered and family centered as defined by them, in their learning, living and cultural philosophies despite dominant cultural or other structural pressure, with goals of increased self worth, self identity, and self empowerment for our children and for our selves.

Together we can all create and maintain a safe circle of exploration, discovery and support.

What we're up to

1) A social get together once a month for families
2) Field Trips, approximately, once a month or once every two months
3) Cross regional message and support boards for a social and support network

What we hope to do more of:

1) A tutoring drop in, once or twice a week, staffed with University student volunteers
2) Teen workshops (six to sixteen weeks in length): Research Skills, Comparative Literature, Writing Skills
3) Specialty classes, Ideas so far: French, Music Theory and Appreciation, Cooking across Cultures, Computer Animation, Film and Video making

We aim to have all learning environments be multi-sensory to support individual learning styles and intelligences

The whole environment and parenting

Parenting and learning within an inclusive environmental framework means communicating, teaching, modelling and learning ourselves with our children, how to see, how to know about our world, our selves, and where we are within it, and how to discern and live within that world, equitably sharing the earth, not harming others and our selves, structurally and interpersonally.

Violence and oppression arise out of our collective consciousness, our collective participation in, and support of . . beliefs of separation, segregation, superiority, inferiority – of 'we' versus 'they,' of 'us' and 'them'.

Being conscious of the differences between power and empowerment individually, of structural and interpersonal power imbalances, of boundaries, of unity, of Oneness, of 'ours', not just 'yours/mine,' of a shared earth, is what creates an alternate experience.

To support and teach our young let us be careful of what we put into their memories and foundations.... let us teach concepts, not only subjects.... from the earliest primers, our tales, stories, and subject matter, our children introduced to the concepts that make them up as persons and that make up their world, giving them support for a development of an identity that they authentically create, rather than is created by, the historical spaces we live in, and by the history we live out.


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